Wholesale Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone Pendants :: Sold by weight i.e. per kilo, offers best wholesale prices and great varity Pendants made with different semi precious stones Pendants from gemstone Pendants manufacturers and silver wholesale Pendants exporters from India

Low Cost Pendants
Ever Green Pendants
Mix Lot
American Picture
Aqua Chalecodny
Banded Agate/Onyx
Black Druzy
Black Onyx
Black Onyx Cut
Black Rutile
Black Sheen
Blood Stone
Blue Boswana Agate
Blue Lace
Blue Chalcedony
Blue Sun Star
Blue Tiger Eye
Boswana Agate
Brown Gold Stone
Bruno Jasper
Cherry Quartz
Crack Crystal
Crazy Less
Crystal Cuts
Graviour Point
Grefic Jasper
Green Onyx
Green Florite
Iron Tiger Eye
Indian Jade
Lapis Lazuli
Leopard Skin
Moss Agate
Multi Florite
Nefred Zade
Ocean Jasper
Other Druzy
Peter Zade
Picaso Jasper
Picture Jasper
Pioneer Wood
Polka Dot
Poppy Jasper
Rainforest Jasper
Red Jasper
Rose Quartz
Rose Druzy
Silver Life
Snow Flake Obsidian
Titanimum Druzy
Tiger Eye
White Howlaite
Yellow Boswana Agate
Yellow Druzy
Premium Pendants
Silver Window Druzy
Pink Copper Window Druzy
Copper Window Druzy
Golden Pearl Window Druzy
Gold Window Druzy
Platinum Window Druzy
Rainbow Window Druzy
Amethyst Druzy
Amethyst Cabs
Aqua Marine
Citrine Druzy
Dentrite Opal
Indian Emerald
Indian Sapphire
Indian Ruby
Ruby Zoisite
Exclusive Pendants
Amethyst Stalactites
Amethyst Cut
American Picture Jasper
American Turquoise
Blue Moonstone
Blue Topaz
Brecciated Mookaite
Brandy Citrine
Carving Druzy
Copper Turquoise Blue
Copper Green
Copper Purple
Cross Druzy
Dichroic Glass
Imperial Jasper
Green Amethyst
Blue Mohave TQ
Purple Mohave TQ
Yellow Mohave TQ
Green Mohave TQ
Labradorite Blue Fire
Lemon Topaz
Mystic Topaz
Rainbow Calceca
Rose Quartz Cut
Russian Dendrite
Tourmilated Quartz
Turtella Jasper
Window Rainbow Druzy
Window Silver Druzy
Window Titanimum Druzy

Quality Gemstone Pendants By Weight

At Essentials Jewelry, stone setting is a work of art. The gemstones are acrefully selected, then set buy master craftsmen using state-of-art technology. Essentials maintains strict stones standards for every stones used. With great care and dedication, An Essentials gem-setter adds to the beauty of the jewelry and to beauty of stones themselves - creating a work that is greater then the sum of its part.

Essentials Jewelry are experts in manufacturering quality pieces of gemstone pendants. We offer one of the largest collection of gemstone pendants available online. Offering 90 gemstones for pendants.

The gemstone pendants are divided into 3 category based on the gemstones.
A) Ever Green Gemstones Pendants : Refering to various agates, onyxes, jasper and many more.
B) Premium Gemstones Pendants : Refering to gemstones with finer quality.
C) Exclusive Gemstones Pendants : Refering to higher end and rare gemstones.


** New** :: Add Designer Bail on every pendants @ 0.02 USD per gram Extra
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Enjoy browsing through our extensive range of gemstones and designs for gemstone pendants.
Ever Green Gemstone Pendants
Ever Green.. consists of a wide variety of gemstones... these are competitively priced.
Black Druzy Rose Druzy Yellow Druzy Other Druzy
American Picture Amethyst Cabs Amazonite Aqua Marine
Aventurine Amber Aqua Chalecodny Black Rutile
Brown Gold Banded colored Banish Banded Agate Onyx
Black Onyx Black Onyx Cut Blue Lace Bruno Jasper
Crazy Less Cornelian Chalcedony Cherry Quartz
Crystal Cuts Dalmation Grefic Jasper Graviour Point
Leopard Skin Pendants Hematite Pendants
Green Onyx Goldy Leopard Skin Hematite
Lapis Lazuli Pendants
Lapis Lazuli Iron Tiger Eye Melachite Medalite
Mokaite Marium Ocean Jasper Poppy Jasper
Moss Agate Nefred Zade Pioneer Wood Picaso Jasper
Picture Jasper Red Jasper Riolite Rose Quartz
Polka Dot Rainforest Jasper Snow Flake Sodalite
Rhodolite Smokey Quartz Unakite White Howlaite
Silver Life Titanimum Druzy Green Florite Indian Jade
Tiger Eye Multi Florite Zebra Blue Crack Crystal
Red Crack Crystal Voilet Crack Crystal Brown Crack Crystal Green Crack Crystal
Orange Crack Crystal Pink Crack Crystal    

Premium Gemstone Pendants
Premium Gemstone Pendants... our speciality.
Golden Rutile Chrysoprase Dentrite Opal Turquoise
Rhodochrosite Labradorite Moon Stone Petrified Wood
Ruby Rainbow Druzy Serphanite Fuksite
Ruby Zoisite      

Exclusive Gemstone Pendants
Exclusive Gemstone Pendants consists of rare and high end gemstones.
Mystic Topaz Larimar Dichroic Glass Green Amethyst
Amethyst Cut American Turquoise Blue Topaz Copper Turquoise Green
Brandy Citrine Lemon Topaz Copper Turquoise Blue Charolite
Turquoise-Green Turquoise-Purple Labradorite Blue Fire Moldavite
Carving Druzy Euduylite Turquoise Yellow M Corss Druzy
Rose Quartz Cut Rainbow Calceca Blue Moonstone Braceted Mokite
Amethyst Stalactites Turtella Jasper Stichite Russian Dendrite Agate

Chains & Others
Chains & Others .. consists of a wide variety of gemstones... these are competitively priced.
Chips Faceted Silver Chains