Wholesale Cluster Necklaces

India beased manufacturers offer high qulaity necklaces using fine graded Cluster . The are unique and wholesale Cluster necklaces setted in sterling silver . Handcrafted by Indian craftmen, from the jewelry city of jaipur

Directly from Manufacturing House to the Market

:: Gemstone Necklace
:: Cluster Necklace

Essentials Jewelry best sellers.. these heavy necklaces whose weight is between 60 to 90 grams are sold by weight.
Currently they are selling in bulk quantities at Ebay.
Please contact via an email for specific prices.

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Gemstone Cluster Necklaces

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   Stone Used : Green Amethyst
   Stone Used : Biwa, Rainbow Moonstone, Crystal,     Pearl
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   Stone Used : Lemon Topaz
   Stone Used : Lemon Topaz
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Code - CN-096                              View Full Image
   Stone Used : Blue Chalcedony, Blue Topaz, Pearl
   Stone Used : Blue Chalcedony, Blue Topaz, Pearl
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Code - CN-095                              View Full Image
   Stone Used : Titanimum Druzy, Pearl, Pink Agate     Druzy
   Stone Used : Titanimum Druzy, Pearl, Pink Agate     Druzy
Code - CN-088                              View Full Image
Code - CN-087                              View Full Image
   Stone Used : Titanimum Window Druzy, Pearl,     Biwa, Paridot
   Stone Used : Smokey Quartz, Garnet, Pearl
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   Stone Used : Cheroite, Titanimum Druzy, Biwa,     Amethyst Druzy
   Stone Used : Titanimum Druzy, Cheroite, Amethyst     Cut, Biwa
Code - CN-084                              View Full Image
Code - CN-083                              View Full Image
   Stone Used :Amethyst Stalactites, Amethyst,     Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst Druzy
   Stone Used : Amethyst Stalactites, Titanimum Druzy,     Pearl, Mystic Topaz, Rainbow Moonstone
Code - CN-080                              View Full Image
Code - CN-079                              View Full Image
   Stone Used : Tiger Eye, Smokey Quartz, Citrine
   Stone Used : Melachite, Pranite, Paridot, Green     Amethyst, Citrine
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Code - CN-077                              View Full Image
   Stone Used : Turquoise, Amethyst Cut, Pearl
   Stone Used : Black Onyx
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   Stone Used : Mystic Topaz
   Stone Used : Rainbow Moonstone
Code - CN-074                              View Full Image
Code - CN-073                              View Full Image
   Stone Used : Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst
   Stone Used : Smokey Quartz
Code - CN-072                              View Full Image
Code - CN-071                              View Full Image
     Stone Used : Turquoise
   Stone Used : Green Copper Coper, Green Amethyst,     Paridot, Pranite
Code - CN-070                             View Full Image
Code - CN-069                              View Full Image
   Stone Used : Dentrite opal, Smokey Quartz, Garnet,     Black Rutile
   Stone Used : Blue Copper Turquoise, Pearl, Blue     Lace, Aqua Chalcedony, Rainbow Moonstone
Code - CN-068                             View Full Image
Code - CN-067                              View Full Image
   Stone Used : Rainbow Moonstone, Titanimum Druzy,     Amethyst
   Stone Used : Purple Copper Turquoise, Amethyst cut     cab, Rainbow Moonstone
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