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About Sanjay Kothari, MD, Kotari Jewellers Convenor - Promotion and Marketing Business Development Committee, GJEPC Sanjay Kothari, coming from a background of medical sciences, is a man with extraordinary leadership quality. Quick decision-making is a quality which can be attributed to his personality, one which also makes him a favourable leader. His innate ability to lead groups as a cohesive force has translated into him being elected as the Chairman of the Council for 4.5 consecutive years, which is the longest period served ever by any Chairman of the Council. Kothari has put tremendous efforts that have shore up the image of the gem & jewellery Industry internationally.

What makes Kotari group different from others.. . Responsible for making IIJS an "annual pilgrimage" for India's vibrant diamond polishing and jewellery industry. . Show strong determination and perseverance in achieving what he wants . A man with extraordinary leadership quality
It is said that taking action is the one thing that you can do to change your life. Sanjay Kothari is the man, who with his decisions combined with actions brought constructive changes to the gems and jewellery industry. At present, Kothari is the Convener of Promotion and Marketing Business Development Committee, Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). He entered the council as a committee member of the working committee in 1992 as a co-convener of Diamond Panel. Then he became convener of Promotion and Marketing Development Committee. However, Kothari is the only one who chaired GJEPC for the longest term-held chairmanship twice from 2000 to 2004 and from 2006-2008.

Under his leadership, India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) saw revolutionary shift-the show was transformed from the B2C to B2B show. Some council people were skeptical about the success of B2B show, but today IIJS is the Asia's second largest gem and jewellery trade show. Talking about this shift, Sanjay Kothari says, "Thousands of visitors used to come to the show, but the business was not at all satisfactory. And no B2B show was happening in India that time. We decided to introduce B2B model here which was successful in Basel and Las Vegas and you can see it is successful."

Kothari, however, feels that the industry need 2-3 more B2B shows and many regional level B2C shows in the cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. "The guidelines should be formed that manufacturer and retailers should not be allowed to participate in B2C show", adds he.

IIJS has become bigger and bigger in the last 26 years, but it cannot move further; thanks to absence of international standard convention and exhibition centre in Mumbai. The council received many promises but no action was taken on those promises. Kothari thinks that it will take at least 3-5 years more to get Mumbai a Convention centre and till that time WS has to wait if it has to grow.

IIJS Signature is also a brainchild of Kothari. The council started WS Signature-the high end jewellery show in 2008 during his tenure. Kothari doesn't want to take credit for it. "The IIJS convener Navin Jasnani and other committee members together decided to create a platform where we can show that India manufactures world's best jewellery. It is team efforts", he says. "In JCK Vegas, they do business cum leisure. We chose Goa as a venue-the land blessed with beauty of nature and the people with full of life."

"However, it is not turned out the way expected but I am sure it will grow further", assures Kothari.

He played a pivotal role organizing small buyers sellers meet. The council has organized two Indo US Meets, Indo CIS Meet, Indo China Meet and Indo Euro Meet-many during Kothari's tenure.

The, Anant Diamond Jewellery Promotion Campaign was another milestone of his career. The first time the council launched domestic diamond promotion campaign. And Kothari was at the forefront. The council able to get support from 27 manufacturers, 87 retailers, one mining company Rio Tinto and lab associate International Gemological Institute. According to him, this campaign's performance cannot be gauged just in terms of business or sales figures. "But one thing I can say that it is the first time we are successful in getting people together and that's quite a big achievement itself", says he. The council has plans to launch the Anantthe made in India brand in the international markets-specifically in Middle East in April or May 2010.

His vision for the industry is based on the ground realities. When he asked where he would like to see the industry in the next 5-10 years. He doesn't give make any authoritative statements. He says, "The industry holds bright future." But he doesn't forget to mention that industry needs to work in a proper direction. "We will have to see the how a consumer can be attracted to retail showroom. How can consumer come to jewellery shop than getting in the neighborhood shop that is selling electronic or garments items?", says Kothari.

Kothari has full faith in the gems and jewellery industry's strength and its unique place in the international market. He also accepts that China has emerged as a strong competitor for India, but China employs 25,000 people whereas Indian gems and jewellery industry employs 3-4 lakh workers. But he is sure India will maintain its high status in the world of jewellery. "Indian gems and jewellery industry has come out very well compared to other countries due to our rules and regulation and our culture of saving. We were able to sustain in the difficult time in a much better manner than any industry though we deals into luxury product", says he.