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Indian Bridal Wedding Jewellery

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Bridal trends keep on changing... but who creates these trends in the first place? Understand the sensibilities that go behind creating the latest bridal jewellery trends as Varalika Vij talks to the most reputed brands on what mantra they follow while creating their collections.

Jewellery for the bride is a complex subject. Since the jewellery market has become tremendous, in terms of designs as well as the designers, the Indian brides are usually left confused. From the maangtika, nath. karnphool, haar, choodiyaan, bajuband to the angoothi, hathphool, kamarband, payal and bichuas, our bride needs to choose and assort the best of the pieces for her special day. Therefore, this time, instead of being 'topic-specific', we decided to be `brand-specific'. These top-notch brands and designers are trusted for their unparallel creativity and designs, which succeed in getting respect and appreciation in the jewellery market. Take a clue about the latest trends in bridal jewellery as four of the most note-worthy brand names share with us, the inspiration behind their latest bridal jewellery collections.

"A wedding is perhaps the most celebrated day in a woman's life and she is the queen of the occasion. A wedding ceremony symbolizes lavishness. And naturally nothing brings out the bride's beauty more than an exquisite ensemble of jewellery that is an extension of her personality," says Shehzad Zaveri, Creative Director of Minawala Jewellers. While creating their collection, Minawala believes in maintaining novelty by understanding a bride's sensibilities. Says Zaveri, "The choice of bridal jewellery should accentuate, and not overtake the attention from the bride. It's important for the bride to look her absolute best and have the perfect jewellery because all eyes are going to be on her."

The Minawala collection for the wedding day comprises necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings and much more. "As weddings are a major reason for lavish celebration, we have bridal jewellery sets available in a variety of colours so as to suit the different kinds of dresses. Our designs offer clients a perfect fusion of traditional and contemporary designs that are crafted using different shades, cuts and designs. We also have jewellery embedded with precious and semi precious stones." When asked about the inspiration behind the brand's exclusive designs, Zaveri answers, "Our inspiration has always been our clients. We've always strived to create something unique & individualistic. A Minawala bride always stands out."

Minawala's bridal collection is designed with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and varied semi precious stones like green agate, smoky topaz, rubies amethyst, tourmalines, etc. Their bridal jewellery collections are available in both heavy and lightweight and comprises mostly of diamond work. Zaveri further adds, "Some women may choose to wear jewellery, which has been in their families for generations. Since we have many clients requesting us to carry that classic old world charm, we have quite a few heirloom pieces that personify vintage chic."
Minawala has suggestions for the various wedding events too. Zaveri suggests contemporary options for engagement, cocktail and reception and traditional jewellery for mehendi, sangeet and the main wedding day.

Rose is a symbol of love and passion. Exquisite designs, unparalleled quality, incomparably beautiful creations and a standard that is the benchmark in craftsmanship — Rose has long been a purveyor of the ultra luxurious in jewellery. Says Biren Vaidya, Design Chief & MD, Rose Group of Companies, "Today it is not about how many jewellery pieces a bride is wearing, what matters is the design element and the gemstones used to accentuate the design. Traditionally, a bride wears a necklace, earrings, bangles, bracelets and mangtika but sometimes a necklace and earring could be more than enough. Mangtikas, for example, are designed keeping in mind the bride's hairstyle." With such lengthy detailing and consideration about each and every aspect of the bride's choice, Rose is a must have in a bride's closet. Generally for bride's diamonds, rubies, pearls and emeralds are used. The design style of the brand varies from bride to bride depending on factors like her personal taste, body structure and clothes that she'll be wearing for the wedding day.

Defining the bridal jewellery collection at one go, the charismatic MD Vaidya says. "At Rose we make sure that the bridal jewellery is an important part of our collection. So each of our collections carries the bridal category. Jewellery pieces from 'Treasures' (heirloom pieces), 'Rocks N Rose' (magnificent jewels with big gem stones), 'Opera', 'Brides and Beads' and jadatt' comprise our bridal collection."

A wedding is the most important jewellery occasion for any woman. She would like to look her resplendent best on this day. And jewellery has a big role to play in accentuating any bride's beauty. Tanishq being in the serious jewellery space gives special focus to this category and has a stunning range that is customized for every community. Says Sirish Chandrashekar, Marketing Manager, Tanishq, "Bridal jewellery is unique and each region has specific requirements. While in the North it is jadau, kundan, thewa and meenakari, the South prefers stamp work, intricate filigree, granulation and repousse. Diamonds are growing in appeal."

Tanishq designs are always derived from deep insights and their wedding collections take inspiration from motifs, hues, patterns that are symbolic reflections of the culture and ethos of each region. Their range includes every piece of ornament that a bride would wear — hair ornaments, maangtika, path, jhumka, angoothi, haar, kamarband. bajuband, payal... "Though each of these are traditional ornaments, our designs have a touch of modernity — making them unique pieces that will set them apart from the rest that is available in the market," informs Chandrashekar.

Chandrashekar has elaborate recommendations for jewellery for each of the wedding day:

Lighter, more colourful jewellery Large pendant earring sets with kundan work. Diamonr Pendants — rows of diamonds set around a large colour stone. with earring to match.

Don't forget the large diamond solitaire. Cocktail — Diamonds in fancy shapes and colours. contemporary designs in white gold; large chandelier diamond earrings and shoulder dusters can create a stunning look even without neckwear to match.

Polki sets can create an unparallel look. The multiple rows of large uncut diamonds, rubies. emeralds and heavy gold ensure that no one else can match the bride's beauty on her wedding day.

Large diamond sets with ornate designs that have a large spread.
Each season, Tanishq has new and exciting offerings for their customers. This wedding season too there are special treats in store — exquisite diamond jewellery sets that redefine the term 'classic'; polki designs that will evoke a sense of awe; and gold sets that are high on the glamour quotient.

Alpana Gujral, a distinguished jewellery designer has over the years worked closely with master craftsmen from Rajasthan to develop her signature style of jewellery — a marriage of traditional styles with contemporary forms. Each of one of her collection consists of around a hundred individually handcrafted, limited edition pieces. Her work is frequently described by most as an alliance of contemporary and classic styles, a mixture of oriental splendour and baroque exuberance; an innovation in the art of fashioning gold.

Alpana's latest bridal collection includes all kinds of jewellery items that one can possibly think of. Her collection is Mughal inspired, so it has an antique look; yet with a modern day feel. Says Alpana, "Jewellery accentuates a woman's femininity, so it's important to match fine jewellery with individual taste so that themes are not recurring in bridal sets. Brides should be able to receive something as elaborate as her imagination allows — especially since custom made pieces are always an option." The work done on her jewellery comprises jadau, meenakari and diamonds.

Explaining the thought behind her Mughal inspired jewellery, Alapana says, "Every woman wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day and though we all cannot inherit jewellery pieces from the Mughal era, my collection reinvents these ancient techniques with fresh designs. And that is exactly what today's bride is looking for — a modern interpretation to a classic look."

The talented jewellery designer believes that the bride should not be over adorned as it takes away the natural beauty of a young girl on her special day. "A choker set or a necklace is sufficient and keeps it simply elegant," she suggests. ESS VEE JEWELS
Wedding is the occasion of a lifetime. So, looking your best and wearing the best is something of prime importance, be it your outfit or the jewellery that you adorn. Sanjeev Varma from Ess Vee jewels gives us his valuable inputs as to which are the latest bridal jewellery trends. According to him, in terms of colours green, red and blue are the rulers for this season and talking about the various stones emerald, rubies are the trend masters. As far as the style of their jewellery this season is concerned, they have amalgamated traditional polkies with ethnic and diamond work which is a very strong differential from the market. The theme behind this collection has been called 'Royal', amalgamating the South art with the Rajasthan art. The esteemed creative head Sanjeev of ESS VEE Jewels believes that though gold has been predominant for a very long time in Indian weddings, it is the different customer profiles and their different kind of demands that one has to cater to. What Ess Vee Jewels is doing right now is that making the old look jewellery with polkies adding different effects.

For the various wedding events Sanjeev also recommends us the following inputs :

Mehendi being a traditional event. Polkies are the best to go for.

Diamonds will complete the look for this occasion. For a traditional attire, you can go for heavy pieces.

The magic can be created with the coloured diamonds.

The traditional polkies with the amalgamation of diamonds will make you steal the show and be the limelight for the evening.