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Mumbai: Shree Ramkrishna Export, India's 40 years old and one of the most technologically advanced diamond manufacturing companies started its newly developed website called Srkexport.com a break from their old monotonous, conservative and orthodox view website, earlier being called www. shreeramkrishnaexport.com Srkexport.com, the new official website of Shree Ramkrishna Export contains a ready resource of information on upcoming diamond related news and events, corporate social responsibilities and grading parameters.

Highlights of new Website:

1) The website appears to be blue in color which signifies infinity, trust and loyalty towards their customers across the globe.
2) The website appreciates the firms rich history which began in 1964, its substantial accomplishments and the strength of diamond offerings, which give the company a unique position in the vast diamond industry along with management's numerous social activities for helping natural disaster hit and economically effected people.
3) The website offers price discount under "The Fixed Price System" for single gemstones. Maximum price discount is 2% of total purchase value.
4) The website offers online purchase of diamonds and offers online discount as well. An additional discount of 1% on the net purchase value' over and above the price discount. This SRK online discount is only on online stock.
5) The website contains systematic and attractive information on SRK Grading System. It informs customers about how to identify diamond, its shape, pricing parameters, color group and much more.

Govind Dholakia speaking about his website business says "I have a very simple view of success. It is positive thinking, positive thinking and positive thinking. And for the success of my organization, I have helped the executives in establishing the essential corporate values since its inception. Truthfulness of product management, coupled with a constantly upgraded technology and a highly motivated team of artisans are some of the features that make our organization one of the best in the industry"

The company has dominance in the production of diamonds in the carat range of 0.03 to 10.00 mainly in white ranging from D to J colors of IF to PK clarity. Diamonds ranging from 0.30 to 10.00 carats mainly in D to J colors of IF to SI2 clarity are available online at website www.srkexport.com

Mumbai : Zoya the exquisite diamond boutique by Tanishq celebrated the mystical and magical atmosphere of monsoon with an evening of select melodies through a classical rendering of the enticing musical form of thumris (based on the theme of rain, love and adornment). Imminent personalities from various fraternities across Mumbai namely actor Vinay Pathak, Sonu Sood, along with the beautiful Madhoo Shah and actress Gayatri Patel from 'Lets Dance' were seen enjoying the experience of soulful music set in the luxurious ambience of the Zoya boutique. Also present at the musical night were, lens-man Ashok Salian who was seen with writer Nandita Om Puri.

Exploring the world of harmony in the fine arts, Zoya by Tanishq organized for a select audience this soothing classical performance by Jayanthi Nayak on special ragas and their deeper meaning. The moods of monsoon found an evocative yet sophisticated expression in Indian Classical Music and Zoya offered these select music lovers the opportunity to revel in it. The aesthetically tasteful blend of music and art, created an ambience that indulged everyone in a feast for the senses.

Commenting on the event, Arif Saleem Padiath, Manager, Marketing and Merchandising -Zoya said "People have always been mesmerized by the rains and have tried to depict them in myriad ways be it romance, joy or sensuality. One of the most fascinating aspects of Zoya is the rich relationship with the client and through such endeavors we are busy delighting our patrons on an ongoing basis."