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Yellow sapphire- the good atgrological damand.
While the market for colored stones in general, remains quiet in view of the off- season and unencouraging economic climate, yellow sapphires continue to enjoy enquiries. When asked about the reason for this attraction for yellow sapphires, trade circles explain that purchases of yellow sapphires are made mostly for astrological purposes. Those who want to buy these gemstones for that reason, continue doing so, irrespective of other factors. These gems are easily available in the price range of Rs. 2000-10000 per carat.

Shortage of Emeralds
Among precious gemstones emeralds are in short supply because of limited availability of the requisite rough. Those, who are having such goods in their inventories, are not eager to sell by offering any price-reductions. There are some arrivals of Columbian emeralds. As they are comparatively cheap, those who want green gemstones turn to them."

Myanmar Rubies :
There are sporadic enquiries for Myanmar rubies. However, glass-filled rubies have become friendless in view of the realization that their fillings are not permanent. When they come out, the gem looks defective. There are occasional enquiries for tourmalines which are available within the price range of Rs. 1500-2500 per carat. There are occasional enquiries for cats' eyes as well.

The export front for colored gemstones is also quiet at present in view of sluggish conditions prevailing in the overseas markets. Some exporters expect that the overseas demand may revive in December around Christmas.

Colored Rough Imports OF GEMS Decline:
Imports of roughs for the colored gems industry amounted to US$ 29.43 million (Rs. 146.10 crore) in the first four months of 2009-10, compared with US$ 45.39 million (Rs. 189.76 crore) in the same period of the previous year.

Chinese Pearls Demand Softens :
Meanwhile, the domestic demand for Chinese pearls has softened. Upcountry buyers are few and far between in the market. Prices of most varieties of Chinese pearls, except smalls, have eased by 10-15 per cent over the past one month or so. However, smaller Chinese pearls are costlier by 10 per cent, in view of shortage and good demand for them. According to reports reaching here from Hong Kong the market for Chinese pearls has softened there as well, perhaps in view of reduced demand and the approaching new pearl season. Some dealers who specialize in Japanese cultured pearls and south sea pearls point out that discerning consumers continue asking for such pearls.

Processed Pearls Exports Better :
Shipments of processed pearls from India in the first four months of 200910 have totalled US$ 1.42 million (Rs. 6.90 crore), compared with US$ 1.36 million (Rs. 5.83 crore) in the same period of the preceding year. Imports of un-processed pearls during the period amounted to US$ 1.75 million (Rs. 8.70 crore), against US$ 2.22 million (Rs. 9.30 crore) in the same period of the preceding year.

Gold Jewellery Demand Declines:
The offtake of gold jewellery in the domestic market remained subdued, because of high prices of the yellow metal. Most of the buying that took place was attributable to exchange of old jewellery for the new. The demand for gold in India in the second quarter of 2009 is estimated to have slumped 38 per cent to about 109 tonnes, compared with 175.1 tonnes in the corresponding quarter of the last year. Imports of gold have come down to a trickle in view of subdued domestic demand for gold jewellery.

Overseas Jewellery Markets :
Markets for gold jewellery abroad remained subdued. According to the World Gold Council, global jewellery demand in the second quarter of 2009 dropped by 22 per cent to 404.1 tonnes.

Diamond Sector's Movements :
So far as the diamond segment is concerned there is not much movement in the market. Stars and melees are being ignored. Whatever demand is seen is focussed on bigger sizes (ranging from 20 cents to 3 carats and up). Their prices are well held, because of shortage and continuing enquiries. Prices of stars have moved down by 25-30 per cent in the last three months or so. Larger sizes are able to fetch reasonable values.