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The brand ambassador to the gems and jewellery sector, Nirupa Pandya Bhatt joined GIA as its Managing Director for India and the Middle East. At that point it was more than just an industry transition for her. Her universally trusted image in the diamond industry has since helped her expand G1A's international standard in India and the Middle East. For Bhatt, accepting the offer was more of an extension of an old cherished job of a teacher. Since she always wanted to nurture talent by mentoring, she is taking this golden opportunity to generate a sense of professionalism in the industry to stride forward in the right direction.

. Brand ambassador to the G&J sector
. Breaking the taboo in the male dominated trade
. Mentoring the budding talents
. Setting high standards in quality and excellence

Bhatt feels her entry into the field wass destined to be. It was by chance that Bhatt started gathering knowledge about the industry and its growing importance in India. The pace at which market for rough diamonds was shaping, Bhatt was prompted to try her luck in the industry to make a difference through her contribution. Her journey began in 1989 and ever since there has been no looking back. Naive and vulnerable yet determined to climb the mountain of success, she has moved on carve a niche for herself today. "The only diamonds I knew were the first pair of diamond earrings that I purchased from my first salary. So I knew that I love diamonds to that extent everyone would love," she reminisces.

Her first job at Argyle taught her the nuances of the diamond industry. From walking the beat in Mumbai's diamond district of Opera House, to meeting people, learning about diamonds, winning confidence and overcoming the inherent prejudices of a male-dominated business, Bhatt's poise has earned her a remarkable distinction.

Prior to GIA she worked with mining giants Argyle and Rio Tinto and that's where she gained the experience. Brand value of GIA and the offer was too good to resist as it was giving her a chance to explore her teaching and mentoring skills. Since she had given up teaching for luscious corporate job therefore she deemed it as an offer to reconnect with her lost passion. "Considering GIA's focus expertise, experience in research and high standards in maintaining consistency and credibility, I thought here is another leader," she recalls.

She plans to enhance the services of GIA and take education to door step in smaller towns of India thus giving an opportunity to the jewellery community to access world class education, cutting on travel time and making it affordable. She also intends to offer the service of grading. "The mission is to raise the trust and confidence of the consumer in the industry in the product that jewellers are selling to expand the markets," she states.

Bhatt intends to work with the manufacturers, retailers to present the consumers the basics of grading so that they feel more confident while buying the product.

She has been responsible for managing and initiating programs to support RTD customers and production including the Indo Argyle Diamond Council (IADC) and Business Excellence Model (BEM).

The IADC is widely acknowledged in the industry for changing the perception of Indian jewelry in the United States and has significantly boosted our jewellery exports.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry Bhatt feels she has been playing the role of a consultant to the industry. She achieved the glorious feat of flying the Indian flag high in countries like the US and in Europe. "I feel very good that the industry undersold itself and by my being there, I was not part of the manufacturing industry, it was easier for me to work with the retailers and talk good things about that our industry had to offer. I made a difference and being its ambassador I feel proud to have done so," she exclaims.

Bhatt feels the year gone by was a difficult period and the industry is slowly recovering from it and she is optimistic about the trade and adds "I think the industry is very resilient. From a global perspective, the eastern hemisphere has a great role to play in the future development of this industry. I am very optimistic about the future of the industry"

In order to grow this sector Bhatt strongly advocates that its important for the industry as a whole, including the diamond sector to grow its talent pool. " There is a need for increasing skill levels across all aspects of the business - from manufacturing to retail. The industry needs to invest in its people if it wants to succeed and move up the value chain".

Although her parents hail from Bhavnagar, she calls herself a pure Mumbaikar with her heart and soul going out to Mumbai. Born and brought up in the city of dreams, she calls the place her home. She is grateful to the city for providing her the education, values and the learning lessons of life.

Spending time with her family after hectic work schedules rejuvenate her spirit. Music and travelling soothe her senses and make her feel like a free bird. "I love travelling and that's one reason I love my job so much." Her role requires her to travel to far off places and that's where she gears up for the tiring day ahead. "I draw energy from people and meeting individuals."

A lady of her stature clearly knows to mark a distinction between her professional and personal life. She believes in investing 100 percent at work and likewise is equally committed towards her family matters. She addresses issues at work and family with similar dedication and makes her presence felt whenever, wherever required. The constant support from her family inspires her to achieve the unachievable. She credits her mother's unending and selfless backing for the success that she has attained today. She also attributes the recognition to her husband and her son.