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Jewellery business is a legacy that was passed on to G.Rajendran from his maternal uncle in 1964, what is today known as GRT Jewellers. After taking over the baton there was no looking back for the man who ventured into the business when gold cost Rs 12 per gram. Earlier times in the jewellery business were tough and the Gold Control Act made things more difficult for the jewellers. People saw no future in the sector and as a back up for himself Rajendran took up a job with a bank.

. Among the largest and most reputed retailer in India
. Had the courage to diversify into new ventures and made it big
. Humble, down to earth, simple and looked upon as a role model in the region
G. Rajendran started the business with a showroom, the area of which measured 400 square feet.
However, with the passage of time the government relaxed the dreaded Gold Control Act and he capitalized on this opportunity to expand the operations. As a result, his business took off on a great note and began to generate goodwill for itself. Customers soon followed in and build a rapport with them. He credits his two sons for spreading the wings of his business to Karnataka, Andhra and in Chennai.

"Those were the days when our economy was not that big, the purchasing power was low. Nowadays the purchasing power has gone up," he says. In his opinion Indian customers have always felt the necessity of gold as it is deemed a must during functions and festivals. He feels that in the last 10 years customers' confidence in the yellow metal as an investment opportunity has increased manifolds.

He says that there was nothing in particular to learn, but accepts that they were very cautious in their growth plans a reason why their business plans were not affected the least.


Talking about the future of GRT he admits that it is the gen-next that has to decide. "They all are very ambitious. I have taken GRT to a certain level, beyond that it is left to them to develop it further. They have got their own vision."


At one point the thought of not putting all eggs in one basket crossed his mind. It was then that the idea of diversifying into the hospitality business was incorporated. Hence GRT Grand was born in 1988. "We are in the process of opening branches in Coimbatore and Hyderabad.


Being a family run business, he is motivated to work hard and honestly. Their primary focus is on providing good and quality services to the customers and achieve customer satisfaction. They aim at generating goodwill for themselves through their humble approach. "We have an enormous goodwill among our customers and they have faith in us because of the quality that we provide."

"Jewellery being a sentimental business, it always helps when you add a personal touch," he says and adds, "Our customers have a sense of confidence in us when they buy diamonds, platinum."

"We have been one of the big players in Tamil Nadu," he informs. Rajendran said he did not have any expansion plans but his son convinced him to as he saw a shinning and bright future of the jewellery sector in the coming days. "In the last 10 years Indian economy has changed a lot, you cannot imagine the kind of growth and the kind of choices that are available to customers today." He believes that the economy is poised for greater growth so it is better to have more branches. "With the goodwill and brand image backing, people stay happy with you," he states.


Brand image is always important in helping you. "We had customers from Andhra and Karnataka visiting us. Now that we are going to their places, naturally they will feel good and will certainly come to us more often."


He feels that gem and jewellery sector has a great potential in the country as the fascination for jewellery will always exist here. "We have always been innovative and have got our in-house designs. We will also provide customized jewellery if the need arises."

He admits that expansion helped them gain additional returns. "The sale always depends upon the season, generally people prefer to buy on an auspicious day." He believes that they need to accept the change in line with the demand for their products to survive in the competition.
Being the only son Rajendran is very attached to his mother. "My mother is a source of inspiration not only for me but also for my children. She is attached to all of them."

He is a happy man for his age, now being able to compensate the time he couldn't spend with his children. "I used to spend 12 to 14 hours in the showroom. Those days my wife would look my children. I couldn't manage enough time to be with them all, but things have changed and now I spend more time with my grand children."

He is passionate about agriculture. Not surprisingly he owns a farm near Chennai where he spends about 6 days a month. "Slowly we are shifting to the organic methods of agriculture also," he informs.

Terming Kodaikanal as the best holiday destination, he states that he possesses a bungalow at the hill station where he rushes off to cools his heels during the 2 - 3 simmering months of the summer.

He dreams to build some eco-tourist centers in the next 5 to 6 years. "We have land near Rameshwaram. We are planning lot of activities along the sea: