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"You've got to find what you love and do what you love," articulates C. Vinod Hayagriv thereby pretty much summing up his passion for the 'elite sport' golf. It is not in golf alone that Hayagriv slices the ball bang on target, but with much ease has been handling the dual responsibilities as chairman of the All India Gems al Jewellery Federation of India and the head of C. Krishniah Chetty c&Sons. At both positions, Hayagriv, with his leadership qualities, has raised the standards of the gem and jewellery industry to a new high and is now in the process of taking the Indian jewellery business onto the global play field.

. Chairman of GJF - apex body of the Jewellery trade in India
. Non controversial, Non political, No nonsense
. Ocean of knowledge and ideas
. Carrying forward CKC's 140 years old legacy
. Hard working, ethical and passionate
Hayagriv believes in creating an environment of integrity and highest ethical standards by ensuring fair business practices and staunchly leading by example. It is his ceaseless quest for human capital development that has helped steer his decade old company along a continuous growth path. Explaining his odyssey in the industry Hayagriv attributes strong values that distinct CKC from rest of its competitors. "From the beginning CKC has been a company with strong values. When I started business in the year 1981, the first thing I did was to understand those core values and gradually based on those values I started charting plan of action towards its growth. When imports were allowed in the country in 1990s we thought of expanding to other markets." Thus with strong values CKC started growing and even today Hayagriv is inspired by the glory that always belonged to the CKC name. He considers it an honorable duty to take forward the legacy of 140 years of undisputed quality leadership in fine jewellery.

He took over the reigns of GJF at a very crucial time and was initially reluctant to take over. However, the board of directors certified his non-political and no personal agendas image for the qualification of connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. "It was all new to me and the post demanded to work at an all India basis. But the support extended by the board and strong foundations of GJF only made it easy to function."

Ever since Hayagriv started leading the team of several thousands people called the GJF, his style of functioning has been much talked about. He has brought in corporate style while dealing with issues. When asked, he says laughingly, "Probably that's the only style I am aware of." Adding that at GJF he is playing a very small role in helping and bringing about cohesiveness. "I demand results. That does infuse direction into activities and at GJF, I hope to carry all the needs of the trade in India forward.' Citing a few success stories he says GJF has been successful in bringing together competitive players to debate and discuss issues related to gem and jewellery sector. It has attained a pan India image.

He now plans to adopt a multi-pronged approach to strengthen the organization to include members from every district and taluka. He aspires to impart education wherever required. To build a code of conduct and generate more governmental participation in the industry is another cherished dream of Hayagriv.

He is toying with the idea of hiring external talent and seek their expertise and experience in spinning GJF into an advanced professional body. Quoting Nandan Nilekanrs example he beams and clarifies that the strategy is to rope in accomplished individuals who have the grit to quit high paying corporate jobs and contribute in leading a professional organization.

His optimism for GJF reflects in his vision to create a separate ministry of Gems and Jewellery wherein an independent minister would be responsible for its affairs. He is enthusiastic about the fact that in the coming 5 years GJF would have set up offices in all the major cities of the country.

Golf is a game he's been religiously following for the past 29 years, having played on different terrains across the globe. "I have always played this game as I enjoy outdoor sports," he exclaims. Tough terrains and the involvement with oneself has kept him inclined towards the game till now. "This is one game where the opponent doesn't matter. If you win you are playing good but if you loose that's only because you are playing badly. There is no chance to blame the opponent for winning or losing. It's a game of high etiquettes that's why I think this game suits my personality. I have won about 20 odd trophies that instigate me to play it more and more."

He believes that small jewellers and big multi chains can definitely co-exist but only if these small jewellers become competitive, educated and provide excellent quality to survive in this era of cut throat competition. He thinks if these jewellers fail to modify their working styles or do not accept change then they will vanish into the oblivion and lose the battle. "Young generation, with their innovative ideas and the hunger to win, should be allowed to take charge. Old generation needs to support them and provide constant wisdom to the young blood."

2009 was a year of learning. Initially people assumed that sky was the limit hence went ahead with a lot of rash and hasty decisions. However, as time went by people confronted the reality and realized their mistakes. Ultimately measures were taken towards tight inventory management and sound financial principles were followed to conduct business.

With a busy schedule at office and a lovely wife and two darling sons at home, Hayagriv finds it very difficult to strike a chord between family and business. "We never achieve everything especially with the kind of responsibilities we all are handling in a growing business. It's a challenge as home becomes office and office becomes home."