Wholesale Cluster Bracelets

India beased manufacturers offer high qulaity Bracelets using fine graded Cluster . The are unique and wholesale Cluster Bracelets setted in sterling silver . Handcrafted by Indian craftmen, from the jewelry city of jaipur

Directly from Manufacturing House to the Market

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Gemstone Cluster Bracelets in stock

Code- BR-061  
Code- BR-062
Code- BR-063
Code- BR-064
Code- BR-065
Code- BR-066
Code- BR-067
Code- BR-068
Code- BR-069
Code- BR-070
Code- BR-071
Code- BR-072
Code- BR-073
Code- BR-074
Code- BR-075
Code- BR-076
Code- BR-077
Code- BR-078
Code- BR-079
Code- BR-080
Code- BR-081
Code- BR-082
Code- BR-083
Code- BR-084
Code- BR-085
Code- BR-086
Code- BR-087
Code- BR-088
Code- BR-089
Code- BR-090
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